Philip Project South


The second element of the Philip Project is one-to-one mentoring: each student meets regularly with a mentor to encourage their Christian walk and to aid their growth in understanding and teaching the Bible.

We encourage all students to meet with the mentor between each of the training sessions, to review what was covered on the training day, and to think together about how this can be applied.  Mentors can also give advice and suggestions about preparing Bible studies or talks.

Each student on the course will be assigned a mentor. All the mentors are known to us, and are members of local churches. If you already know someone in your church who you would like to be your mentor, please let us know, and we can contact them with details of the Philip Project.

Information for Mentors

This  mentoring overview leaflet outlines what is involved in being a mentor for the Philip Project.  Please look at this first to decide if you would like to be involved in the Philip Project.

If you are getting involved with the Philip Project, then further information is availlable:

– This Philip Project brief guide gives more information and guidelines for mentoring.

– And this document, Philip project guide to mentoring –  gives comprehensive suggestions for a mentoring meeting.

– Finally, our see the programme page and dates page for a summary of preparation the students will be doing for each session.