Philip Project South

What students say

What Southampton Students said about the course

There are three reasons I decided to do the Philip Project: I had never gone through a teaching of the Bible from beginning to end, and the Philip Project presented that opportunity. Secondly, because I was yet to cover the whole bible (through studying or teaching), I wanted a footing developed, especially so that I will not be fall for the many wrong teachings around today. Thirdly, I believe I will be (and already am) an instrument in God’s hand, and I wanted to be better equipped.
O, from Nigeria, studying for PhD in computer science

Philip Project has helped me to have an overview of the bible and look into how the whole bible points to Jesus It has helped me understand the motivation and attitude of a bible study leader and I have become more committed to reading the bible more regularly.
B, Indian student, studying for Masters in Engineering

I have learnt a great deal about the bible from the old to the new testament. I am optimistic of being able to lead bible studies with other Christian groups when I get to my home country.
L, PhD health science student from Ghana

I really enjoyed the bible overview session. Even though I thought that I already knew quite a lot about the bible, it was very useful to go over the entire bible again! Leading a bible study for the first time or giving my first talk were definitely highlights as well.
W, from the Netherlands, studying at Chiropractic College

I decided to do the Philip Project because I wanted to know the Bible more. Highlights have been to know how to see the stories and their background and knowing about differences between different cultures.
S, from Slovakia, working in the UK at the moment

This video interviews some of the students completing the Philip Project Course in summer 2016 in London.

This is what previous Southampton students said about the Philip Project, on completing the course in June 2016:

I found the Philip Project has helped in deeply understanding Scripture in order to lead Bible Study based on the truth and not someone’s ideas. Just knowing Scripture is not enough, it is essential to know how to practically help others to understand Scripture and the Philip Project is a great way to learn practical skills in leading Bible Study in a safe environment.Y, an undergraduate student from Bulgaria

The Philip Project has been easy to understand and has opened my mind to different things in the Bible. I want to be able to lead Bible Studies in the future in my country or in England and to be more confident when speaking with others about the Bible. S, a foundation year degree student from Venezuela

I decided to attend the Philip Project because I wanted to be equipped with the Word of God. Also I know that it is going to be a different experience because I will learn the Bible with other people. Also I appreciate the presence of our leaders as very knowledgeable about the Word which I believe I have benefited from most especially when applying to my personal life. The Bible Study training is like a training ground for me for whatever plan God has for me in the future. J, a nurse from the Philippines

The Philip Project is a precious opportunity to share with Christian people from different countries. I have learnt how God’s word and Christian beliefs have shaped and passed from the beginning to the present. I believe the belief and knowledge I have built from Philip Project helps work with people all around the world. M, a postgraduate student from South Korea

This is what previous students in other cities have said about the Philip Project:

The teaching has really taught me how to read, understand and present the Bible passages. a student from China

It’s a fantastic course to prepare anyone who is interested in learning to read the Bible, as well as to teach it. I really enjoyed the talks given by various Bible teachers and the opportunities we got to practice what we have learnt. I now feel more confident in leading Bible studies and giving Bible talks.a student from Taiwan

The video below is an interview with students who have taken part in the Philip Project in previous years.

I highly recommend the course. For any international person who desires to have a broader understanding of the whole Bible, an excellent introduction to other worldviews, and to learn how to preach and lead a Bible study, without a huge demand on your time, this is the course for you!a student from Nigeria

The Philip Project taught us many useful methods to communicate God’s word with others.a student from China