Philip Project South

Programme (in person meeting)

Programme for in person, 9am to 3.30pm

There are nine Saturdays in total, spread over nine months, from October  to June. Each day runs from 9am (for coffee) with the programme starting at 9:30am, and finishing at 3:30pm. There is a morning tea/coffee break, and time for lunch, which is provided.

The teaching programme for the Philip Project is below:

Date Stream 1 – Bible Overview Stream 2 – Understanding God’s Word Stream 3 – Learning to Teach
Oct – The Big Picture
– Introduction to the Philip Project
– Old Testament Overview
– In the Beginning
– Genesis 1-11
– Principles of Interpretation
– The Philip Project ‘marbles’
– Worked Example(group activity)
– Using the Philip Project marbles to explore Genesis 3;
– Describing the Big Idea Twitter style (120 characters/20 words)
Nov –  Forming a People for God
– from Abraham to Samuel
–  Understanding the Law and Sacrifices – Identifying the Big Idea
– Preparing & Giving a Talk
– Worked example: Preparing a Talk outline
Dec – The Ups and Downs of God’s chosen people
– from Saul to the Exile
– Understanding the Bible’s Wisdom Literature – Student talks – on an assigned psalm prepared in advance with the help of the mentor
– Personal Prayer Preparation
Jan – The Rise and Role of the Prophets
– Restoration and Anticipation
– From Old to New
Contextualisation – issues that arise when teaching the Bible to people from other cultures – Student talks
– Preparing & Leading a Bible Study
– Preparing Bible Study Questions (group work) on an OT passage
Feb – God’s Saviour arrives
– The four gospels
– Understanding the parables – Student Talks/Bible Studies on an assigned parable
March – The church expands
– Overview of Acts
– Understanding the Good News – Student Talks/Bible Studies on an assigned passage from Acts
March/ April How to grow healthy churches: a look at Paul’s letters
– Romans to Philemon
-Engaging with our listeners: Understanding other worldviews – The importance of Personal Integrity: learning from Paul – Student Talks/Bible Studies on an assigned passage from one of Paul’s letters
May – Letters from Hebrews to Jude – Understanding Paul’s letters – Student Talks/Bible Studies on an assigned passage from one of Paul’s letters
June – The best is still to come: Revelation – Course review and open forum – Celebration lunch
– student stories
– Presentation of certificates

The full Course outline, with complete details for each session, is available to download here.  (This course outline is from a previous year when we met in person.  We will be covering the same material in the online course, but in a slightly different order over ten sessions).